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Browse Searchandizing's browse searchandizing allows one to modify ranking of results and facets returned by browse requests.

Browse requests are typically used to power category pages, as well as pages dedicated to a particular brand. Browse searchandizing allows customers to influence rankings for these pages.

Searchandizing is accomplished by referencing the key and value of the particular browse entity you want to searchandize.

For instance, the Fiddo's Food brand listing would mean referencing the brand key and the Fiddo's Food value, while searchandizing the Dog Food category would require referencing the group_id corresponding to the Dog Food category.

Result rules and facet rules

Browse searchandizing is powered by "refined filters", objects that contain list of rules that will be applied to a given browse response. Those rules are scoped by the response_section parameter to either apply to the results section of a response, or the facets section of a response. All requests and responses are scoped to one of this sections, meaning that only rules for one section will be retrieved/modified. The only exception is the remove configuration endpoint which deletes the entire configuration for a specific browse entity.

Since the use case for each scope is different, the API is documented for each - see searchandize results and configure facets. response_section is optional and defaults to results, but it's required for facet configuration.