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One Way Synonyms

Constructor's One Way Synonym API allows a user to define a word or words (parent phrase) which will be treated as synonymous to several other word or words (child phrases) by's search algorithms in only one direction.

In other words, search results for the parent phrase will be enriched with all results matching any of the child phrase(s) associated with that parent phrase, but results for the child phrase(s) will be unchanged. Linguistics typically refers to these as hypernym and hyponyms.

As an example, a customer of a grocery store may search for fruit (parent phrase) and expect to see all items that match blueberries, strawberries, bananas, oranges, apples, etc (child phrases) along with items matching just fruit.


The following documentation covers adding one-way synonyms manually via the API, but these can also be added in the dashboard.

Platform synonyms algorithms can identify many synonyms using data science for specific eCommerce verticals such as fashion, grocery and others. Reach out to support to learn more and to enable this feature.


One way synonyms are set on each index key separately, so a customer can have separate synonym rules for two independent properties, such as their Dutch and French grocery stores.

Case Insensitive

Synonyms ignore case, so a synonym rule for milk chocolate would apply to delicious milk chocolate as well as DELICIOUS MILK CHOCOLATE .

Exact Phrase Match

Synonyms match an exact phrase, so a child phrase for chocolate milk would match products like McCormick's 2% Chocolate Milk, but would not apply to milk chocolate or chocolate-flavored reduced-fat milk. To match these products, you'd need to include child phrases rules for milk chocolate and chocolate-flavored reduced-fat milk.

This approach is taken because intervening words and term order can influence meaning: as one example, a shirt dress is not equivalent to a dress shirt. Another case (mentioned in the example above) is that milk chocolate is not equivalent to chocolate milk.


The one way synonyms API is available at (note v2).