Search Searchandizing's searchandizing capability allows merchants to create rich sets or rules to promote, demote or feature items and brands.

By leveraging the APIs underlying these capabilities, customer data science teams can incorporate their own expertise and understanding of user behavior to optimize results, much like does with its automatic rule-setting for boost and bury.

Taxonomy Rules leverage your existing product taxonomy, so any facet or category (group_id) in your index can be used to create a rule.

Scope Currently rules can be set for individual search term or browse pages (which may be based on a facet or category/group_id page). That said, global rule APIs are in limited release for early access customers.

Types Boost (and bury) Boost (or bury) the score (and in turn, ranking) of items with one or more attributes, where attributes could be a particular size, price range, or brand.

Blacklist Remove items from recall that share particular attributes.

Whitelist Return only items that share particular particular attributes.

Slotting Add an item to recall at a particular position.