Add Rule

curl -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"allow_fuzzy_matching": false}' \
-u"[your token]:" "[your API key]&section=Products"

The above command returns a 204 Success response on success. For simplicity sake, a 204 Success response will be returned even if the item already exists.

HTTP Request#

PUT[query]/position/[int:position]/item/[id]?key=[your API key]&section=[section]

URL Parameters#

queryThe query you'd like to add a searchandizing rule to.
positionThe position you'd like to add a searchandized product at. (use 0 to blacklist the item)
idThe id for the item you'd like added to the position and query in question.

JSON Parameters#

sectionYesYour suggestions can have multiple sections like “Products” and “Search Suggestions”. This indicates which section this searchandizing rule is for. See your dashboard for the section names to use.
allow_fuzzy_matchingNoDefaults to TRUE. Allows you to permit fuzzy matching.